Technology and Architecture Management


Easy, Fast, Automated

Leveraging the power of FEDPASS, IT organizations can quickly transform enterprise architecture from paper-based snapshot efforts into actionable visibility into an organization's technical footprint. With FEDPASS organizations can substantially increase product re-use, ensure adherence to enterprise standards, and increase information and data sharing across systems.


Systems Inventory

  • Manage systems related information including assignment of ownership to specific organizations and/or individuals.

  • Integrate inventories  with leading IT Service Management and development platform suites to further connect metrics and reporting into the IT portfolio.

  • Manage accreditation status and security boundary alignment.

  • Link technology products and system interfaces to systems. 

TechnOLOGY STandards

  • Manage technology product information including vendor, product details, approval status and scope, versions, and more.

  • Establish links between products to specific systems to enable true rationalization and impact analyses.

  • Combine technologies into solution ‘stacks’ to enable solution planners to easily identify a combination of approved technologies and platforms to fit their needs.

Data Sources and Interfaces

  • Manage system interface information including connection types and methods to create an organization-wide data/interface library.

  • Manage interface attributes including which attributes represent authoritative sources.

  • Establish links between interfaces and systems to improve information sharing, use of authoritative sources, and to support impact analysis.

Manage and Publish Technical (Vendor/Product Agnostic) Standards
Manage technical standards for data, application, mobile, infrastructure, and other classifications including definitions, usage guidelines, and internal notes.  Easily create and distribute standards handbooks via pre-defined reports, SharePoint, or through other systems to support specific solution or agency needs.

Fully Integrate Your Systems Inventory with Your Portfolio
Because FEDPASS provides a fully integrated model, organizations can easily manage by or report any budget or performance information across systems and vendor technologies.

Instant Automated Roadmap Reporting
Create plans and roadmaps across systems, products, organizations or any attribute at the click of a button using predefined report options or creating new ones.