Other Features


Analytics and ReportinG

FEDPASS offers a number of ways to analyze and report on information stored within the system, including data visualization, pre-formatted reporting, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.


Pre-Formatted and Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Simple and configurable report folder structure to better organize pre-formatted reports.

  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting capability enabling any user to create MS Excel® or CSV compatible reports.

  • Simple Microsoft® report design capability enabling report customization and the ability to generate new pre-formatted reports as desired.


Data Visualization

  • A powerful ‘Portfolio Explorer’ that visualizes various segments of the investments, systems, that take you directly to the underlyinand activities maintained in FEDPASS.

  • Drill-down capability allowing easy exploration of segments and sub-segments of information within the system when desired.


FEDPASS provides out-of-the-box user security controls enabling secure, yet distributed access to IT stakeholders as well as system-wide settings for increased administrative control.


Security and User Management

  • Out-of-the-box user security controls enabling secure, yet distributed access to IT stakeholders as well as system-wide settings for increased administrative control.

  • Includes unlimited user accounts with built-in individual, organization, and role-based security controls including read, write, and administrative access settings.

  • Fully supports Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

  • Record creation and modification logging.


Configurable Application Settings

  • Deactivate/Hide unused system features.

  • Manage picklist choices including setting order in drop downs as well as assignment of quantitative values to any picklist choice for use in reporting.

  • Mark any record and picklist item as inactive.

Standard and Extensible Platform

FEDPASS is a simple yet extraordinarily powerful web-based, ready-to-use platform that offers complete customization when required. FEDPASS is built on standard technologies to create a very straightforward canvas for organizations to manage their specific information requirements, and adapt the platform as needs change over time.


Built on Standard Technologies

  • FEDPASS was developed using widely supported Microsoft® .NET and SQL technologies which provides highly predictable and stable upgrade paths as well as lower operational costs.

  • Reporting is provided using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, eliminating the need for organizations to learn, purchase, and pay for support for proprietary report engines.


Extensible Solution Design

  • The FEDPASS solution architecture leverages a consistent ‘Object/Attribute’ model instantiated in the interface in a consistent manner, enabling organizations to easily and rapidly expand or customize the FEDPASS feature set to meet ever changing and expanding needs.

  • FEDPASS can be configured as a single instance for individual organizations or in multiple instances that tie data back to a single repository for department/agency-wide visibility.


Future-Proofed Code Base

  • FEDPASS uses modern standards but maintains compatibility with a wide range of web browsers and versions and includes a number of compatibility and security settings to help ensure flexibility for individual agency requirements.

  • The FEDPASS server software is designed to run on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows Server® and Microsoft SQL Server® out-of-the-box using the native capabilities to help ensure future compatibility.

  • The FEDPASS code-base is stored in a cloud-based environment and is available to any licensed organization using FEDPASS in the event Northramp discontinues support for the product.