IT Budgeting and Spending Management


Easy, Fast, Automated

What's an IT Portfolio without budget and spending information? Nothing. With FEDPASS organizations can quickly and easily integrate formulated budgets, or even leverage built-in formulation capabilities to budget directly against the portfolio itself. FEDPASS also directly integrates execution data such as contracts, funding, and spending to provide rapid, powerful, and instant access to insights about where the portfolio and its funding stands.



With FEDPASS, organizations can budget for IT the way they want - by system or service, by underlying activities, by organization, or even by existing or forecasted contracts. Regardless of the approach, formulated budgets always roll up across any dimension of the IT portfolio.


Use FEDPASS' contract alignment functionality to map contracts and spending directly to the portfolio using percentage driven or specific assignment mechanisms to enable powerful analysis of IT spending against different portfolio and organizational dimensions.

Execution Management

Know what's funded, what needs funding, and where you stand across all IT contracts using FEDPASS' execution management functions that enable an organization to assign and allocate funding based on a combination of formulated budgets and available funding.

Spend Forecasting
Capture contract spending forecasts by month and fiscal year and align forecasts directly to your portfolio's systems, services, and specific activities to help you fully understand the spending needs and trends.

Adjustment Requests
Manage requested changes in IT budgets including review and approval workflows against the IT portfolio including assignment of new funding as well as adjustments from one effort to another.


Formulated to Executed Budget Comparison
Achieve true line of sight between formulated and actual expended budgets against the IT portfolio to better understand the operational picture as well as better inform the formulation processes with actual historic spending levels.