OMB/CPIC Reporting Features


Easy, Fast, Automated

FEDPASS minimizes the traditional pain points and complexities of OMB reporting by providing a modern, simple, and easy to use interface and data model for meeting all of your organization's CPIC reporting needs.

FEDPASS' information framework helps you organize your information in an easy to use and understand model, and enables distributed and secure access for information collection, integration, and reporting across your enterprise.



How does an investment, system, or project become one? FEDPASS fully supports intake and request management enabling an organization to manage both requests across its Pre-Select and Select Phase processes.

Business Case & Portfolio Management

Leveraging a unified portfolio approach, FEDPASS allows an organization to centralize its true IT portfolio and use it to fully meet OMB reporting requirements while providing true internal visibility and value.

Control Reporting

FEDPASS provides an organization with simple mechanisms for collecting and reporting of monthly control metrics while fully integrating with a variety of third party systems for automating metrics.

CIO Evaluations
FEDPASS enables fully configurable CIO evaluation reporting including detailed evaluation and investment variance reporting.

Post Implementation Reviews and Operational Analysis
FEDPASS provides the ability to fully assess a project’s impact on mission performance and identify any project changes or modifications that may be needed, evaluate the cost of continued maintenance support, and consider retirement or replacement options.

FEDPASS automates the process of re-baselining when required, substantially reducing the time and energy required to fully document and report re-baselines when needed.