TBM Visibility and Reporting


Easy, Fast, Automated

The biggest expense of implementing TBM should be the organizational change, not the software. FEDPASS provides out-of-the-box TBM functionality, enabling an organization to assign Towers and Cost Pools during formulation as well as categorize contracts and spending for a complete picture.

FEDPASS also enables immediate insight into TBM data and trends - allowing you to gain actual benefit from your investments in time and energy establishing the TBM Model and Taxonomy in your environment.


Formulation Assignment

Easily capture and manage Tower and Cost Pool expectations against formulated budgets and automatically capture and translate FTE budgets into the appropriate dimensions of the model.

Execution Mapping

Align contracts, tasks, and/or CLINs to the appropriate dimensions of the TBM model for rapid visibility into spending across different TBM dimensions. Easily leverage accounting strings, if available, to further automate execution mapping.

TBM Dashboard

Leverage data from across FEDPASS as well as other systems to view integrated snapshots across each dimension of the TBM Framework. TBM Dashboards also illustrate forecasted and spending trends over time to provide greater insight into the direction of spending in different areas.